Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Google play games are very much common in the market nowadays. Everyone is playing video games to kill their spare time. Pacman is one of the most played games in the world. In the world of the gammers, this game is very well recognized. Pacman is a very old game, and the game is continuously being updated.

This game was launched in 2010; the game received a massive response from the audience. It was loved and enjoyed all over the world. The game got a huge hype from the audience. The game’s origin is very old; it originated in 1980.

On the 30th anniversary of the Pacman, the game got a new update from japan. The new version of the game has been launched for the public. The new version of the game allows you to enjoy new features. For example, you can steer the pizza-shaped protagonist in your game.

The game has been very popular since the beginning of its launch. The game is equally popular worldwide despite all the geographical and political barriers worldwide.

Pacman Game

The Pacman game was designed by a very Young video game player name Toru Iwatani. A Japanese company launched the game in 1980. The main idea behind launching this game was to create a game for the video game players globally so that it will become the most played and engaging globally.

And the motive behind this game got successful. The game has become the most played and popular game in the world of video game players. The game has been titled one of the most popular games ever. Here in this article, we will discuss some cool facts about the Pacman game in celebration of the 30thaniversary of the game.

Pacman 30th Anniversary

The most interesting feature of the Pacman game is the new updated version of the Google Doodle of the Pacman that google introduced on the 30th anniversary of the Pacman game. So it is very easy for the Players to play the game. All you have to do is open the google chrome and search Pacman game.

On searching, you will see that the Google Doodle appears; you can simply click on it, and the beginner level of the game will appear there. You can have a trail about the game, and you will see how Google games have put in efforts to bring the Google Doodle to the users.

The google doodle is not included in the original version of the game. It is an exclusive update by google on the Pacman 30th anniversary. The same process can be used on android; you have to open the google chrome search Pacman in the Google search bar and touch the Google doodle that appears over there.

The user interfaces of the game are very user-friendly. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the games and software can easily play the game. The Pacman game is very engaging; as you keep on playing the game, you learn cool facts, and you continue playing the game.

On the desktop, you have to move the arrow to control the game’s character; for the android mobile phone players, you can easily swipe and touch through your mobile screen and enjoy the best video game in the world.

PAC-MAN Doodle

How to play the Pacman Game?

The Pacman 30th anniversary on the Google doodle and the original Pacman introduced in the 80s are quite different. The game originally was an arcade game. The game requires joysticks or keyboard arrows to operate. You have to achieve the goals in the game by controlling the character.

The game’s goal is to achieve the target of the 240 dots by controlling the Pacman’s character in the game. However, during the achievement of the goal, you will face some hurdles from the ghosts. There are four ghosts in the game, and they have their respective names.

Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are the ghosts’ names. The name shows different colors and the different chasing strategies of the ghosts. The color of the Blinky is red, pinky is pink, inky is light blue, and Clyde is orange. The different ghosts try to chase the users from their goals. The chasing strategy of each ghost is different from the other.

There are three modes of the ghosts chase, scatter, and frightening. These are the three strategies if ghosts. Although, for a player, sometimes it

Keep a balance between your goals and the ghosts chasing so that you can learn the cool and interesting facts of the game easily. A basic understanding of the ghost and its strategies will help you in the Pacman 30th anniversary as you will face all these ghosts’ modes.

Pacman Ghosts

There are different ghost modes in the Pacman game that works differently on different strategies.

Blinky: The blinky mode is also known as the shadow. This mode works according to the Pacman’s speed. As the speed of the game increases, it achieves the goals easily. Therefore, the working strategy of this mode depends on the speed of the Pacman.

Clyde: The nickname of this ghost is pokey. This one is dangerous in the lower part of the maze. The ghost leaves the box and heads in the direction of the Pacman, and this one is orange in color.

Inky: Inky is blue in color. This ghost is considered very dangerous as it is known as a wild card. Therefore, the working strategy of this game is a mixture of all the ghost modes.

Pinky: This one is pink in color. The working strategy of this game is different from the other modes. This one is not Pacman directly; it only follows the directions of the Pacman.


The Popularity of the Pacman Game

The game’s user interface is very easy; anyone can play it. The latest update of the Pacman 30th anniversary makes it an interesting game for the users. The game is continuously being updated. The special edition of the Pacman on the 30th anniversary makes it an awesome game. The hype of the game is because of the iconic Pacman emblem.

One of the main reasons for the large audience for this game is the availability on all the platforms. It is available on well-known gaming platforms like play station, Xbox, iOS, Android, Google games, etc.


The Pacman is a well-known game all over the world. There is a huge gaming audience for this game. This game can be played on the gameplay, Google maps, Pc, and all the famous gaming platforms. The interesting feature of Pacman makes it a very popular iconic game.

The paceman game is breaking international records of its popularity to its large audience. In addition, the game has interesting ghost features that develop the gamers’ interest in the Paceman game.

The new update of Pacman’s 30th anniversary is the center of attention of the gammers.